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Supporter Npc Guide Read This Topic

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1Supporter Npc Guide Read This Topic Empty Supporter Npc Guide Read This Topic on Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:29 am

To use our Supporter npc in all town's just type this;
*heal me* = Heal
*strengthen my weapon* = Impositio Manus
*protect me* = Kyrie Eleison
*defend me* = Assumptio
*need holy power* = Aspersio
*portal to <town name>* = Warp Portal to <town name>
E.g. Portal to Morocc, the NPC will open a warp portal to Morocc.
Note: For warp portal, all towns are available except Newbie, Prison & Jawaii

*enrage me* = Berserk Pitcher
*protect my equipments* = Full Chemical Protection

Soul Linker
*link me* = Spirit of <job>

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